Why compete? Competitions are about a lot more than great prizes and having fun. They allow participants to learn, show their skills, compare their results and share their talents.

ALOHA J & K  offers a lively and memorable learning opportunity for ALOHA students seeking a supplement to their education and develop the Competitive  skills within them by nurturing the traits required for attaining excellence .

One of the premier events called SLC (State Level Competition) is conducted annually with the aim to bring out talent in the students acquired through Aloha courses.

Our SLC (State Level Competition) has generated such an interest among Aloha fraternity  that it is celebrated almost like a festival. Five years have gone by so fast, but SLC has accomplished so much.

On concluding the test the champions and their runner ups are declared and awarded with handsome prizes among big applause from the audience.


Over 2500 students will be participating in the 5th Aloha  State Level Competition to be held in Srinagar, on the 8th of March 2017. Students from 12 districts will converge at Indoor stadium to compete for grand trophies and prizes. Students from PCHSS, BHSS, TBS-Malinson, DPS, GVEI, IMI and many Governmen Schools will be represented, through various ALOHA centres.

The actual competition involves solving 70 sums in 5 minutes.
ALOHA  is using the ancient tool ABACUS, children in the 5-12 year age group, develop concentration, arithmetic ability, logic, speed and analytical skills.