Mental Arithmetic

A Few words about Aloha Mental Arithmetic

Comprehensive development of both the right and left brain is what experts recommend in a child. ALOHA, Abacus learning of Higher Arithmetic is an established, revolutionary method to boost a child’s mental development. Not only does the child’s ability to solve mathematical problems improve with ALOHA, the child’s attention span, memory, analyzing power, observation, listening and logical reasoning gets enhanced leading to all round development.

• Your child scores more marks at school
• Your child improves in concentration
• Calculates faster than a computer
For children between the age group of 6-14 years

Aloha Mental Arithmetic Course is divided into 8 levels each level lasts for three months during which a child has to attend 12 Classes ( 4 Classes in a month) Classes are conducted only on Sundays


Aloha has been established in J&K in year 2006. Thousands of students have under gone Mental Arithmetic, Tiny Tots Speed Maths & Handwriting training at our ALOHA Learning Centres spread across the state and have shown remarkable performances in state National and International competitions.

Our Mission

To become the supreme authority in setting Benchmarks and Standards in the field of Innovative Education. To unleash the power inherent in the Human mind and form a Knowledge Based Society.