ALOHA GAT (General Ability Test) a comprehensive and quantitative standardized tool, not only diagnostic and analytical but more accurately the learning, growing, channelizing and an overall grooming environment for the young learners of 5th to 10th standard was initiated in 2009. The platform is open for all. Whether our internal institutional (ALOHA) students or outside (non ALOHA)students, where they follow their curiosity. An opportunity for the brilliant wards of our fertile soil with academically sharp minds, where they would exhibit and prove their worth.

This annual competitive test series is based in the pattern of civil services examination, comprising of three stages, Prelims, Mains and Personality test. Alhamdulillah, we move on with complete devotion and great zeal and vehemence with our clear objectives:

1. To introduce conceptual (alternative lateral) thinking.

2. To lay stress on application of knowledge rather than knowledge perse.

3. To give exposure to various types of intelligence, aptitude tests the career competitive examinations like IAS, KAS, CAT, MAT, AIEEE, JKCET etc.

4. To focus on reasoning, thinking and interpretation of data.

Scheme and stages of the examination

GAT Prelims: Is the objective test, wherein 120 multiple choice questions are asked to be solved in less then a minute per question, a total duration of 90 minutes. Candidates appearing in this first stage are supplied with“Knowledge Bank” after their registration for the examination. Knowledge Bank is a resource book comprising multiple choice questions based on various subjects prepared by the experts of Aloha J&K yearly.

Gat Mains: The candidate selected on their merit in the prelims, sit in the 2nd stage of the test I.e. Mains. This stage covers the three main subjects Science, Mathematics and Social studies and from English the essay writing. It is the descriptive stage, wherein creative, analytical, argumentative supported with evidence and the research approach is duly encouraged. Syllabus for self study is provided to the candidates.

GAT personality test: Third and final stage is an intersecting session wherein the meritorious candidates encourage with the brilliant brains, the achievers and the experts. Our Endeared IAS/IES/IPS/KAS/Academicians who are involved with us in this mission manage despite hurdles to steel something for these brilliant tender brains to contribute to the society. It is a total learning and growing experience. Young students are also engaged in the group discussions on the diverse and burning topics under the expert supervision. Often the healthy discussions are very thrilling for us