Aloha Speed Maths

A Few words about Aloha Speed Maths

Solve problems with lightning speed and accuracy.
4998889 x 4999889 =?
Even a normal calculator cannot solve this.

But a child trained by ALOHA SPEED MATHS can solve it within seconds.



• Learn to calculate 10 times faster.
• Solve problems 10-15 times faster.
• Save time during examination.
• Single step answer in multiplication.
• Reduces silly mistakes in examination.
• Helps to score more marks in maths.
• Easy to check all textbook problems.
• No borrowing in subtraction.
• No excess carry over in addition.
• No trail and error method in square root.
• Multiple digit divisor can be solved by single digit.

Topics covered

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Squares Cubes, Square Root, Cube Root, Algebra & Calculus.


Aloha has been established in J&K in year 2006. Thousands of students have under gone Mental Arithmetic, Tiny Tots Speed Maths & Handwriting training at our ALOHA Learning Centres spread across the state and have shown remarkable performances in state National and International competitions.

Our Mission

To become the supreme authority in setting Benchmarks and Standards in the field of Innovative Education. To unleash the power inherent in the Human mind and form a Knowledge Based Society.